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Peaklite Electronics Limited is dedicated to offering quality Turn-key OEM manufacturing solutions to customers around the world for almost any type of product. We are capable of handling all aspects of manufacturing project including design, printed circuit board assembly, mold and die making, plastic injection molding and metal parts, etc.
From product design to even packaging and shipping of products to overseas, we make sure that every step is stress-free to our customers. The turn-key process allows our customer to focus on their marketing effort which is essential to any successful product. By maintaining excellent supply-chain and sourcing relationships with our suppliers, we are able to significantly reduce the cost of production.
Communication is our company’s key strength. We work closely with customers to make sure that all project issues are solved quickly. We have a commitment that all emails or other enquires from customers are responded within 24 hours. We provide project status updates to our customers regularly so that they are fully aware of the progress of their projects.
Manufacturing Services:
  • Engineering Design –
    • We are supported by a group of experienced engineers who are competent in designing all kinds of consumer products including audio, radio frequency (RF), and digital devices. We work closely with customer or customer’s designer to complete projects in the most timely and cost effective fashion.
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly –
    • Our company is capable of handling surface mount technology (SMT), Through-hole, and combination of both technologies. Depending on the complexity of the PCBA, we offer In-Circuit Testing (ICT) or test fixture to ensure that each PCBA functions properly before assembling the PCBA into the final product.
  • Mold and Die Making –
    • Our company takes great care to make sure that all molds made by us are of best quality. We work closely with customer/product designer in early stages of product development so that the optimal mold can be made to produce the most aesthetically pleasing and cost effective product. Our turnaround time for the mold making process is expeditious so that the customer can bring their product to the market quickly.
  • Plastic Injection Molding –
    • We utilize injection machines of various sizes (tonnages) to meet customer’s needs. Silkscreen printing, spray painting, and other additional cosmetic finishes are available to give the final touch to the product. We guarantee that no scraped or recycled plastic material is used for any product.
  • Metal Parts –
    • We are capable of supplying precision die-cast, lathe, deep-drawn and CNC metal parts. Materials include stainless steel, aluminum, brass, zinc alloy, mu-metal and other metal alloys.
  • Product Assembly / Quality Control –
    • We ensure that product assembly is monitored at all time. 100% of our products are tested before shipping to customer. We will never sacrifice product quality to save manufacturing cost.
Plastic Injection Parts
Engineering Design
Plastic Injection-molded Parts
Plastic Injection-molded parts
TPE Rubber Parts
TPE Rubber Parts
Die-cast Metal Parts
Die-cast Metal Parts
Extruded Metal and Machined Parts
Extruded Metal and Machined Parts
mu metal shield
Deep drawn mu-metal shields